June 1, 2020

Every pandemic / global human crisis has brought about revolutions and change. The US riots are a deep voice of a nation that is seeking change and is willing to risk everything for it. It possibly comes from the fearlessness manifested from an overwhelming fear. An existential threat induced by something that we don’t understand helps us overcome the fear of things that we do and can understand.

A pandemic gives us the courage to stand up to injustice. It is equalizing. The differences, the systemic injustices, the entitlements, the privileges - everything is shattered to bits when a virus or war or famine brings everybody down to the same plane: death, destruction and existential dread. I’d like to call it a global equalizing event(GEE). A GEE springs up / must spring up a desire to seek out a new normal. A way for the world to reboot itself.

We are in the middle, maybe even early stages, of a GEE. It’s a great time for all of us to ask ourselves:

“What is the change that I seek?”

“What is the fear that I can and want to overcome?”.

“What is the inequality that I have been aware of, but never confronted?”